<video controls autoplay preload="auto">
    <source src="http://ef3ae845b6eed6ec4024-8a0a46e5f1a5cc9854958bc3503f0f88.r40.cf1.rackcdn.com/media_entries/765/api-coding-640p.webm"
              type="video/webm; codecs='vp8, vorbis'"
    <div>Sorry, this video will not work because
      your web browser does not support HTML5 
      video.<br/>You can get a modern web browser that 
      can play this video at <a href="http://getfirefox.com">

How do I do that?

Just copy the video tag from any MediaGoblin video page, for example:

  1. Go to https://gobblin.se/u/joar/m/coding-api-oauth-plugins/
  2. Hit CTRL+U to view source
  3. Hit CTRL+F and search for <video. This will show you the HTML source for the video on the MediaGoblin page.
  4. Copy the <video> tag in its entirety (<video>...</video>).
  5. Paste the <video... code where you want it shown.

This isn't a user-friendly solution, it is a hack while we figure out what we want to do with embedding.